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MAGICK magicus magicka magikós

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Welcome! My name is Justin, but most just call me The Magick Man! By Grace, Chance, and the Gods above you've landed here! 100's of millions of suns, stars, moons, and planets have spun in just the right ways to bring you to this very moment! Your Ancestors, Spirits, Angels, and Guides have all led you here for a reason. Whatever your beliefs may be, however you ended up here among these magickal pages, Hail! Welcome & Merry Meet!


"Your individual spirituality should be as unique

to you as your own fingerprint." --Justin Arnold The #MagickMan

INCOMING! Ancient civilizations have always looked to the skies above since the beginning of time for answers, evolution, and inspiration. The idea or concept of a higher power or a source of universal intelligence isn't really a new concept. Although, how we manifest and utilize these energies has changed tremendously.

Faith & Chance have always found their way into mysticism and spirituality. Having the faith to fall 100% into your personal spiritual practice will always produce tremendous results. Knowing this; every choice, chance, risk, or leap of faith could change your life in many magickal and miraculous ways!

There are so many different facets of spirituality, it can be a bit overwhelming. Starting your path can sometimes feel like standing at the edge of the rabbit hole. The most important thing to know and realize is, not all the answers can be given, but we always have the time and freedom to learn and grow!


"The more you attempt to prove that Spirit exists,
the more it will continue to elude you."
--Justin Arnold The #MagickMan

A Psychic is normally defined as an individual who displays extrasensory abilities. An "inner knowing" in the form of hidden senses, an intuitive spark, sometimes even seeing and feeling spirits or energies.

Ask The Magick Man - Michigan Psychic, Tarot Reader, Artist, and Creative -

Everyone is inherently Psychic, but with the burdens of the modern world, we have trained ourselves out of listening to these messages. We tend to remain distracted, weighted, rooted in the physical plane.

A professional Psychic has spent years refining, learning, developing, healing, ascending, expanding, and tuning into their own unique frequencies and treasured gifts! They have put in the time, effort, and have formulated the best way to deliver messages from the other side through their own lense, a glimpse into the past-present-future, guidance specific to your alignment, your journey, and your spiritual path. A Psychic is simply a facilitator, mediator, a messenger to your energy, Spirit, and your highest self!


The very word Psychic can be loosely translated in ancient Greece ψυχικός (psychikos)
as the "light" or "breath of the soul", "pertaining to matters of the mind".


Justin Arnold - The #MagickMan - "Mystic of The Mitten"

If you don't know me, Welcome! My name is Justin Arnold. Hailing from Magickal Michigan! I incorporate almost 20+ years of spiritual/metaphysical knowledge & experience into my services as a spiritual counselor, psychic/intuitive & tarot reader, healing practitioner, life coach, practicing witch, artist, event creative, marketer, educator, entrepreneur, graphic/web designer, business consultant, and handmade incense crafter. Most call me The #MagickMan!

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" I have had a reading by Justin and let me tell you how incredibly accurate he is. He has hit on aspects no other readers have hit on before, he talks like he is writing a book. Everything goes together so smooth with a gentle understanding. Thank you for being such a gifted reader and person! You are amazing Justin! "

Becky B.                    Michigan


"I would recommend a reading or incense...I personally will not buy Incense from any where else, they are the best around. Thank you for keeping me supplied with my Incense Justin. Your the best, and my house smells amazing thanks to you and your wonderful Incense. It made my day today getting the purple tube in my mailbox!"

Mary B.                      Michigan


" My reading with Justin was spot on. He has amazing intuitive skills and is a sweetie. Do yourself a favor and have a reading by the #magicman. "

Sarah                      Walhalla, MI


" Spot on! Had a reading a few months ago.  Justin gave me a great amount of insight. Everything was spot on, and helped me align with the highest outcome. He is a great part of the Magick community!"

Brittney W.              Oxford, MI

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