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Name: Justin Arnold Aka "The Magick Man"
Artist, Psychic, Tarot Intuitive, Educator
Reiki  Master/Teacher
Ordained September, 2013

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Hail & Welcome!  Greetings!  My name is Justin Arnold, aka The Magick Man, born and raised in southeast Michigan! Mysticism, Strange Occurrences, Witches, Ghosts, Magick, Energy, -- Weird Happenings have followed me around all my life! -- "Spirit" has indeed shaped me from the very beginning, turning magick from a passion into my entire existence, my essence through and through! Always bright, artistic, creative, and drawn to the more magical side of life, I try to spread that magick wherever I go, aiming to bring sunshine to darkest of places!

As a child, I often found myself amongst the trees, hearing stories and songs others could not. All the kids would come in from recess, and here I'd be a half mile deep in the forest behind the school, talking to the earth spirits and those on the other side. Drove my teachers and my parents nuts! I grew up in the Lutheran faith, and found the light and Spirit in many aspects of the church, until the church no longer became my sanctuary. So from an early age, my spiritual pursuits have been to learn from other paths, and grow from many beliefs and teachings of this world. From my perspective they all hold their own unique magick and mysticism. My journey involved very early encounters with the darkest sides of humanity, adversity in droves, a bit of mayhem, magick, meditation, and a head-start into the realm of the mystical!

In my 20's
I noticed a pattern started developing even in the muggle world. When those close needed me the most I'd appear, making Magick happen where others could not. Wherever my bosses would place me, sales would increase, wherever I focused my attention magick was made. After awhile "Magick Man" was a name given to me by my network of friends and close supporters, and was gladly received! It caught on to say the least, and suddenly I felt manifested, spelled, witchcrafted to life by the very song Heart wove into existence back in 1975.

Professionally, I've delved into the creative arts, retail/restaurant management, graphic & web design, audio/video editing, organizing and performing religious rites, rituals, and officiant services, intuitive and psychic reading, tarot reading, courses, education, retreats, and work heavily these days alongside some of the most amazing people to work with as an event co-organizer and coordinator of some truly magickal Michigan festivals, conventions, and events. I have ran and managed metaphysical and magical shops for others, and built many magical businesses over the aeons! I have taken the last few years to care for my mom, and to continue to also develop my skills as a singer/performer. But reading the cards, tapping in to Spirit, Oohhh there's something so sacred about it! Tarot can shine a light on so much, offering an objective standpoint and guidance from the stars! As much as the mundane has pulled me away from my magickal path here and there, I always seem to find myself back at it's fateful swinging gates. Ordained as a Wiccan Priest in 2013, I've facilitated full moon & new moon rituals, and celebratory gatherings all over, and have gathered a global community through large-scale events, classes, festivals, and spiritual retreats in the Magickal Mitten of Michigan! While Wicca is a tool I use to connect with my Spirit, it is not the only one I practice!

By day and during the week I take care of Mama Magick! My mother has been kicking kidney failures a** since 2019! I volunteer my time facilitating her in-home dialysis treatments as her in-home dialysis technician which takes so much time, attention, focus, and effort! I am thankful to be able to work from home in many of my endeavors to continue caring for her the best way I know how! Some days I have no idea how I'm standing, and then I remember all the Magick, Love, and SUPPORT keeping me upright!


In 2020, inspired by Spirit's call, I was called to craft and curate a line of high-quality, hand-made incense with over 24 luxurious scents. Each stick or cone is infused with energy, intention, magick, and a touch of glitter for the soul! Not only are they energetically infused
but I take a ton of time and effort super-concentrating these incense to be of premium quality, without being overly obnoxiously strong or full of harsh chemicals. You can find them right here on my website or in select Michigan stores. I also offer a wide-range of services, including tarot readings, energy/ritual/spell work, reiki, mindfulness, classes, herbal remedies, and spiritual counseling all over Michigan.
Follow Me to see where my broom takes me next!

In 2024 I have decided to re-organize by incense business. With caregiving requiring more of my time and energy, I am conjuring up a way for my customers to still enjoy their favorite blends without delay! Stay tuned for changes!

You can also find my incense for purchase at these Magickal Michigan Shops:

• Minarealm Crystals - 3452 W Thompson Rd. Fenton , MI --- A popular Crystal CAVERN just south of Genesee County! Cynthia carries a large variety of amazing energy crystals and minerals that are ethically sourced! At her shop you can find an assortment of sample packs of my handmade incense sticks available!

My Gaia Garden - 320 N Lafayette St., South Lyon, MI --- Offering a wide variety of Earth's Treasures. MGG has a huge selection of crystals, fossils, and rare and raw minerals, as well as spiritual gifts, to fit any budget. You can find an assortment of sample packs of my handmade incense sticks available here!

If you stop by! Be sure to tell them the Magick Man sent ya!


Ask The Magick Man - ABOUT - Justin Arnold -


"Utilizing a 70's print Dragon Tarot deck that was gifted to me back in 2003 as the main focus in my readings. The Dragon's have always been a powerful symbol for me of unseen and powerful entities with far greater knowledge and Magick than I! Along with an antique silk tapestry that was gifted to me by my late father. The pair have seen and exchanged energy with every single reading I have done and hold a ton of tradition in my practice!

When you sit at my table, I am not here to amaze
 & astound you! Spirit will do enough of that on it's own when you open yourself up to it's messages. I am also not here to prove to you that ANY of this is beyond fact or all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes it IS that, and I whole-heartedly LOVE those readings! But I wouldn't be doing my job correctly if I also didn't give you the honest and true messages of the cards, the lessons they provide, and what they mean for your life! It still amazes me to this day how Spirit speaks, those messages validated, that energy laid out in front of you like a storybook. After 20+ years, I'm still in awe at times! I'm not here to prove to you my power, I'm here to show you YOUR OWN!

The POWER is in your hands! My job is to show YOU & validate what YOUR energy is already telling you, and the messages lent to you from the universe! It's up to you to do the rest!

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: And all the energies and obstacles that lay in between, we all work together as a team to get a bird's eye view over your current path. In addition, my artistic and intuitive abilities to tap into psychic channels of thought, spirit guides, images, music, and influences around your life -- all help to further facilitate your reading and offer additional healing, growth, and self-awareness." -- Justin Arnold
The #MagickMan

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