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Name: Justin Arnold Aka "The Magick Man"
Weapon of Choice:  Cauldron
Ordained September, 2013
Sun Sign: Leo

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Hail & Welcome!  My name is Justin Arnold -- The Magick Man!  "I was born and raised in southeast Michigan to two non-magical parents. I grew up in a small town in Michigan and my life started out like any other. Spirit found me early, shook me to the ground, and has shaped and affected my entire life since day one! Magick became more than just a passion or a hobby to me, at some point it became my life and soon absorbed every facet of it. Growing up, I was always a very bright, different, artistic, creative, and sensitive kid drawn to the mystical, spiritual, and otherworldly. Now I try to spread a little Magick wherever I go and in whatever I do!

I always try to bring a bit of sunshine everywhere I go, because I know how dark it can get!

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to magick; the spiritual, metaphysical, and everything in between. Early on I started noticing things weren't working, I mean -- I exploded into this world in a flash of glitter and purple and none of the pieces lined up, something needed to change. Feeling out of place for so long, I was introduced to meditation at 9 years old and it opened the door to so much in the years to follow. I have always had abilities since a very young age, so I guess I had a bit of a head-start! With the encouragement of my friends, guides, beginning clients, and family, I slowly started "reading the readers" of the shops. After years of honing my craft and with great feedback, I started offering readings professionally in the early 2000's. I received my ordainment as a Wiccan High Priest in 2013 and have officiated and facilitated many rituals and gatherings ever since. In addition to my interest in the spiritual, I have also worked professionally in many other fields. I have extensive experience in creative direction as an artist, in retail and restaurant management, web/graphic design, video editing, marketing/advertising, as a branding and creative direction consultant, and as an event coordinator. In 2017, I met a true friend and colleague who shared my interests and together we began organizing several large-scale events in Michigan unique to the area. (I will list them at the bottom of this page!) Over the years, our events have grown to include thousands of wonderful people from all over the world!

I am continually blessed and grateful for what I do and for all the magickal folks I have met!

In 2020 when the world was quiet, I was called by Spirit to start crafting high quality, tediously crafted, triple-dipped, hand-made incense that came from my magickal hands! Back then all the incense I could find were old, dusty, dry, and in need of a severe makeover! So I started with 6 signature scents that made me who I am today, and reminded me a lot of the scents that defined my upbringing into the spiritual realm! Since then I have grown to over 24 luxurious scents and counting! My incense sticks and cones are now available online here on my website, and in stores all over the Magickal Mitten! Each scent is hand-dipped and infused with energy, their own story, intention, magick, enchantments, wards, spells, music, and maybe an exclusive dance or two! I find great peace in pouring my carefully crafted blends and sealing them with my own personal magicks! PLUS A dash of Glitter for the SOUL! It fills my heart hearing my customers enjoy them too!

NOT ONLY can you buy your incense anytime from me personally right here from my website shop, you can also visit several brick-and-mortar shops right here in the Magickal Mitten to get your incense fix! I am so proud to be able to offer my incense wholesale, as well to shops and small businesses since 2020! If you're in MI, be sure to check out;

• Rooted in Mancelona, MI a Made in Michigan PARADISE full of Michigan Artisan products, apparel & clothing, gifts, food, ice cream, coffee, and MORE! They carry my FULL line of incense sticks, and standard incense cones!

• Minarealm Crystals in Fenton, MI a popular Crystal CAVERN just south of Genesee County! They carry an assortment of sample packs of my handmade incense sticks! On the last Wednesdays of the month, you can also find me reading here!

If you stop by any one of these amazing merchants! Be sure to tell them the Magick Man sent ya!

Now, I utilize my entire skillset in what I do in continuing to grow an ever-evolving community, expanding my spiritual studies, businesses, and practices. I offer a wide range of services including tarot readings, energy work, mindfulness, classes and trainings, herbal remedies, spiritual counseling, and more. I am passionate about helping people on their spiritual journeys and guiding them towards their highest potential. I believe that through spirituality and mindfulness, we can create positive change in our lives and the world!" -- The #MagickMan

Ask The Magick Man - ABOUT - Justin Arnold -


"I utilize a 70's print Dragon Tarot deck that was gifted to me back in 2003 as the main focus in my readings. The Dragon's have always been a powerful symbol for me of unseen and powerful entities with far greater knowledge and Magick! Along with an antique silk tapestry that was gifted to me by my late father. The pair have seen and exchanged energy with every single reading I have ever done and hold a ton of energy and tradition in my practice!

When you sit at my table, I am not there to "GIVE YOU A GOOD READING", or to prove to you that ANY of this is beyond fact. Sometimes you won't leave glowing with sunshine and rainbows on your shoulders. Sometimes it IS that, and I whole-heartedly LOVE those readings. But I wouldn't be doing my job correctly if I also didn't give you the honest and true messages of the cards, and what they mean for your life.

The POWER is in your hands! My job is to tell YOU and validate what YOUR energy is already telling you, and the messages lent to you from the universe! It's up to you to do the rest!

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: And all the energies and obstacles that lay in between, we all work together as a team to get a bird's eye view over your current path. In addition, my artistic and intuitive abilities to tap into creative channels of thought, spirit guides, and influences around your life -- all help to further facilitate your reading and offer additional healing and self-awareness." -- Justin Arnold
The #MagickMan

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