Name: Justin Arnold Aka "The Magick Man"
Weapon of Choice:  Cauldron
Ordained September, 2013
Sun Sign: Leo

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Hail & Welcome!  My name is Justin Arnold -- The Magick Man!  I have been working within the metaphysical & spiritual community of Magickal Michigan since 2003. Born in Port Huron Michigan, raised in Lapeer, and now my broom flies all over the Magickal Mitten! My many hats include creative professional, tech-witch, freelance artist/designer, singer, mystic, psychic/intuitive reader, premium incense crafter, creative director, caregiver, and educator (just to name a few). As a busy Witch, Magick is a HUGE part of my everyday life!

I utilize, practice, and study many different beliefs and traditions, with many more Deities and Divine interpretations!

My background in spirituality has guided me down many roads and pathways. Raised Lutheran but from a very young age, always been drawn to the trees and the songs of the forest. But not like illusion "magic" -- rabbits and hats, sleight of hand.
I was always drawn to the ceremonial Magicks and ritual-based practices.

I showed abilities even at a very young age, I was a very odd, bright, and quirky kid! 🤣 and couldn't hide a thing. Always in the more gifted and creative classes, but could never keep up with the pace of the world. I'd get in so much trouble disappearing at recess to go listen to the trees. Spirit would take me on some of the wildest visualizations and scenarios. I had never met my grandmother, but somehow she was over my shoulder, guiding my path early on. I'd "read" adults in casual conversation and not even realize it, Spirit would call them out and I guess I became the mouthpiece. Always sick and in and out of the hospital for stomach issues, chronic pain, and migraines. Spirit would sometimes speak through me with quotes from old movies, music, or commercials and I would sometimes blurt it out loudly, completely unaware of its context or having heard it before. I'd tell my dad they sounded like "old-timey radio stations" and musical static. A lot of messages I received didn't make sense to me at that age, and came out in creative and sometimes chaotic ways. Which usually got me labeled as the overly-sensitive, magical, eccentric, creative, rebellious, artist, passionate type from the start!


Surprisingly, neither of my parents were inherently spiritual, more for the traditional aspect. Dad had a beautiful brilliant mind and was wise beyond his years, he loved to talk about space, science, and the universe. I get a ton of my creativity from his side. He worked as a welder in the GM metal fabrication plant in Pontiac for 43 years. Mom loves the church, worked in healthcare, and she taught Sunday school. She is very devout to the Lutheran church and through that introduction to God, I'd find myself singing in the empty halls after school. I had attended the private school, but would get kicked out of religion class weekly for always asking questions and pushing the boundaries. I still find mom singing hymns and songs with the sewing machine humming along, but that's her own magick! I eventually grew into a very different boy with obvious contrast to the church, and they definitely let us know I wasn't going to fit. Soon after, the church became a painful place to be and isolating in nature. But my heart knew a home in Spirit was out there somewhere!

One day, I was maybe 10 or 11 years old, my parents took me up to see the now historic and closed "Anonka's Witch Museum" in downtown Caro this was maybe 00-01'. I walked in and my heart exploded all over the place! The owner was so inspired by my excitement she called me into this Egyptian-themed and decorated healing room. In the middle of the room was a beautiful carpet surrounded by crystal towers under a large copper pyramid frame surrounded by huge crystal singing bowls. With all the sounds and smells, I was HOME! She waved me over to the center of the room directly under the center of this massive pyramid. One by one she attuned each and every Chakra. I had no idea what an attunement or a "chakra" even was, but my whole body and spirit drank all that energy up! The anchor was kinda set. I could FEEL every vibration, see its colors in my body, and where it was doing what within my spirit -- before I knew what any of it even was! Flashes of temples and ancient landscapes, rituals, and architecture I'd never even seen let alone could explain. Ever since then, I knew my path was going to be so so different.

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Anonka's DID go for the shock factor, I mean twin 6ft gargoyle sphinx guardians on each side above the doors on the main downtown road, in a rural Michigan town?... YES, Please!!! In my opinion, they were COMPLETELY ahead of their time in comparison to today's extremes! In the basement held a "dungeon exhibit" that honestly, and a little grotesquely, depicted the reenactments and truths of the burning times and the persecution of innocent women, healers, and "witches" from 1428 to about 1880. This very shop and museum were historically involved in a huge progressive step in the early 2000s when it came to religious freedoms. Sadly the museum closed in 2005 after a divorce settlement. It was also involved in a groundbreaking lawsuit that contested religious scenery from appearing on city or government property, without multiple beliefs also having the right to display their own as well. The backlash from the spark of this case caused them to become a target of hate mail, break-ins, protests, and the assault of the owner. Continual waves of negative attention targeted towards them from the community were just too much. This historic sanctuary was a staple in the Michigan Witch community, and they had so much truth and heart in what they did. The photo shared above was even a magickal feat to find. But as a HUGE part of my story, I still carry its magick today! Because of this case, we currently have more religious rights than we did before, and that is HUGE!


Unfortunately, the truth is often the first to be cast out. As ugly and different as it can be sometimes.In Magick like the truth, there is no good without the bad or the ugly...


My journey wasn't an easy one. I was made fun of often in high school and pretty cruelly, home was no better. I found my way through art and spirituality. Magick was/is a way to help balance your mind, and embrace your inner light and soul in a sometimes very dark and dreary world. It helps you come back to the light, every time. I would get lost in school projects and topics. We would focus on say Ancient Egyptian history and the entire class would move on and here I am, checking out every book in the library on the topic and spending months just absorbing as much as I could. The same thing kind of happened with the Witch trials when we got there... It made me ask, well if these women were innocent what did these women do to be considered witches? Why were they targeted? And the rabbit hole began...

I don't tend to speak about this as much as everyone says I should, but I was targeted at a young age by the school and court systems at the time. Back in the '90s, it wasn't uncommon to find a ton of gifted kids targeted due to their different-ness, their creativity, "daydreaminess", ability to focus, or the exact opposite hyper-focus. A lot of small-town systems were held up and financially funded by the family/probate court and many needless juvenile cases labeled a lot of sensitive kids as "Difficult" and "Defiant" when our brains simply worked differently. It wasn't uncommon to find the "different" kids forced onto probation or pushed deep into the therapy/psychiatric system in some form or the other. Because of the gifts I was given at an early age, I was a thorn in the side of every administrative official I came across. I bucked the system every chance I got, and was made an example of in many different ways before I the age of 18. I fought a system that told me my very being was wrong and needed to be fixed, re-organized, and re-constituted in their image. Without diagnosis, I was prescribed dozens of different experimental psychiatric medications during the span of about 8 years that were court ordered in nature. Blood tests were ran regularly to ensure my compliance with the "treatment" and if found non-compliant, I and my parents would be punished in numerous ways and treated as criminals. Upon turning 18, all of a sudden the eyes of the court looked the other way. I sought a more natural approach after all that, and found myself functioning much better. The courts at that time may have seen me as a model citizen, but they left me with significant developmental, emotional, and psychological damage & continued programming of "You do not belong here." A lot of which I am still healing from today!

Don't worry -- My story gets BETTER but for some this is not the case! I was blessed to live in a city with resources for young adults struggling with mental health, but many don't have that option. Time and research also caught up and now thankfully, children who face the many battles I once did get the help they need. Every day is a struggle, but the reason I focus so heavily on mental health in my spiritual work and practices is because I come from that side of mental health. The side where the entire world seems to be against you and everything about you. Spirit was there to bring me back. I have overcome at times endless and numerous traumatic events, too many to count for one life, and I am standing here alive today thanks to my continuing spiritual practice and the faith I have cultivated.

Back in my Day it wasn't uncommon to get expelled for even carrying a witchcraft book, let alone being inherently witchy, queer, artistic, creative, neurodivergent, sensitive, and intuitive AF growing up in rural Michigan. I was introduced to authors like Silver Ravenwolf, Raymond Buckland, Gerald Gardner, Janet Farrar, Doreen Valiente, Scott Cunningham, some of the founders of Wicca today! They helped me through their writings to navigate my way through the dark and dreary world and create a colorful and magickal world of my own. I grew up with a ton of negative attention, trauma, a semi-trailer full of struggles, and a whole mess of human nature (all for another time.) All this negative energy had me fighting battles I knew nothing about, years before I could even understand them in any healthy way.

But through all of my struggles, spirit kept calling me to "play", laying stepping stones to take on my path, lighting up the roads to follow, songs to sing, winds to embrace, seas to swim, and fires to stoke!

For a good part of my life after losing my dad in 2008 I focused on hard work, put my "woo-woo witchy" stuff aside for a hot minute, and experienced the world for what it was. I found early success in the restaurant industry by being able to connect with people, and my witchy a$$ always impacts sales wherever you put me, so it fit! I moved out to Colorado looking for work and honestly, an easier go at things, and soon I found myself going from "long term" camping in a car in the mountains, to management, planes, promotions, training, staffing, and new store opening teams. I had the opportunity to work with some top chefs, nutritionists, and food educators. I met some amazing people from all over the world, traveled, and experienced all the Rocky mountains had to offer working in Denver, Glendale, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Castle Rock! I ultimately moved back home to Michigan in 2012 when I noticed my mom just needed someone there, and thankfully being here and being able to care for her -- I just know I'm making a difference in her life and mine. I am just thankful for the time I get to spend with her, while also in my spare time, crafting as much magick as I am able to and attending events when I can.

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I have spent a good part of my life finding a haven volunteering at numerous metaphysical shops and spiritual groups. My fascination has always been with belief itself, belief in something at least, as long as its intention is harmless and creative/constructive leaning. When the energy gets to kickin' in these groups you can FEEL it, it's measurable. From 2016-2019 I assisted and organized many New Moon, Full Moon Rituals, and Sabbats with multiple Covens in the State of Michigan both large and small. I have dedicated myself to the craft and spiritual growth for almost 3 decades. My years and training as a Wiccan High Priest and Solitary Witch allow me to use specific tools in ritual to tap into my Divine in order to help others, but ultimately my spiritual style is more non-denominational in nature and is made up of multiple and overlapping beliefs and practices. Each is valid in their own right!

I have also served as a behind-the-scenes staple in many Michigan metaphysical shops for years, even stumbling onto the news on multiple occasions... remember that collective spell we all cast back in 2017 about a certain carrot?

I am a strong supporter of small and witchy-based businesses, female empowerment, creative community support through local events, workshops, spiritual retreats, mental health awareness, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, spiritual training, mindfulness teachings, and nature-based alternative options, and education!

In 2017 I partnered with an amazing friend, psychic/medium, reiki master/healer, and event organizer, Kim Dotson and we founded and co-hosted the first annual Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention in Flint/Grand Blanc, Michigan! It has grown and expanded into it's fifth year to it's new home at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan 11/6/2022! In addition to signing on and co-organizing Peace, Love & Hippies Festivals, Witches Weekend Events, and Psychic Fair events across the State! What excites me about events is being able to connect with people who love what you love and are interested in celebrating that together, while also supporting small business, local businesses, up and coming talent and professionals, and so much more!

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In 2020, when the world got quiet. I'm not going to lie -- I was rocked pretty hard both physically and spiritually. It seems a lot of our old fears, emotions, anxieties, and traumas rose to the surface, in addition to all the emotions and grieving of living through something like this entails. Almost like the old wounds we all thought we healed, needed to be split open again and re-healed, but this time taking into consideration the largest pandemic event since the early 1900s...

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I took to my spiritual roots during quarantine to heal and explore my creative side, I experimented with a few different ideas until I was in meditation one day, and one of my spirit guides came down and lent me a scent I hadn't smelled in many many moons. It was the first ever incense I was introduced to growing up that helped with my anxiety so much, that I went through a ton of it! It was the sweetest, almost hypnotizingly warm, and exotic vanilla I had ever smelled before. But the shop ultimately closed and I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched for years and asked all over. The feeling of that memory, that scent just washed over my shoulders like a warm weighted blanket. I knew then I had just been given a gift, and took the next few months to carefully test, plan, and experiment with all sorts of producers, hundreds of oils and fragrance samples, ingredients, packaging, and concepts until I could produce a premium quality product that smelled as close to the original as I could. That blend is now my Signature scent, Voodoo Vanilla! Along with 23 other amazing and intentioned scents!

Just like when I read the cards and connect with you in a reading, I want whatever I create or express to extend my energy, honesty, passion, and essence into everything I do! Divinely inspired in every step. From the types of sticks I use, to the energy of the oils I mix, to the songs I sing and dance to while I'm hand dipping every batch, or the spells whispered into some of the protective blends, or to the days it takes to cure and seal them with a bit of color and sparkle. I take a huge amount of time, care, love, and attention to crafting truly beautiful incense blends to help you tap in, remember, tune in, inspire, align, transform, enchant, and awaken the senses!

You can NOW find my handcrafted, Michigan-made, premium-quality incense at several brick-and-mortar metaphysical shops in Michigan including Rooted in Mancelona, Blessed Brooms Intuitive in Hastings, & MinaRealm Crystals in Linden/Fenton. Out and about at many festivals, you'll be able to find my big purple tent at some pretty amazing events where I also sell my incense, art, and offer in-person readings. Also, check out IMAJENation Hoop Revival at several events in the area, she carries an array of my hand-crafted incense as well!

More recently, you've probably seen me zooming around as a co-organizer, creative, and advertiser of multiple Michigan-based events and psychic fairs over the last 6 years! I'll list them all below! Be sure to check them out, they are some of the most Magickal events! However, what some of you do not know is that I am also a caregiver to my mother who is battling through end-stage kidney failure. She has been on dialysis since April of 2019 and we have been actively working to get her accepted onto the kidney transplant list! Recently, she has needed my care and attention far more than before so I have had to re-organize some things in my life to make sure that happens.


With these changes, I had to let go of some of the more active roles in co-organizing events, but have stayed on as an advertising and creative partner so I can spend more time with mom, and focus my energy on things here at home. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do so thanks to my amazing network of friends, clients, supporters, and FAMILY! You have no idea what it means to have your support!


During my time on this beautiful planet I have held multiple positions, and various jobs of all sorts, in many magickal places... nothing fulfills my heart more than connecting with my clients in a spiritual, therapeutic, sacred, and awe-inspiring way. I am continually awe-struck when the cards fall in front of us, sometimes I get overcome with just waves of gratitude for being able to deliver the messages meant for you! In some small ways, it also rewards me by being able to do what I do and reconnect with these messages in my own healing and energy work. I can't imagine anything I'd like to do more!

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I’ve used the same tarot deck in my readings for the last 20 years in addition to an antique silk tapestry my father gave me years and years ago! In every reading I have ever done, every client has connected with this deck. During a reading, I tap into the deck itself, my spirit guides, and guardians to check in and get a snapshot, to see where you’ve come from, where you’re at, and where you’re headed. I tap into you, your energy, and the flood of information as it comes in. My ultimate goal is to give you every message from the universe that is given to help you achieve your highest vibration and manifest your dreams! My cards are pretty blunt, together we all work during the reading identifying obstacles and energies blocking your path, and many other signs and symbols that lay ahead of you.


Readings are question-based and/or open general at the request of my clients. To learn more about Tarot, or to book a reading with me, click the button below to head to my tarot page! You can get right into my schedule, see my available openings, and easily re-schedule anytime! I do require payment at the time of booking, and appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

I am NOT a Medium nor do I claim to be, however, if a message is handed along to my guides, I always deliver it!Readings with me can cover topics such as; Success, Relationships, Love, Past, Present, Future, Energetic Health, Business, Family, Spiritual Development, Dreamwork, and more! During a session, I will connect with many facets of Spirit, along with my Divine Guides, & Ancestors. Ordained September 2013.

My intention with this website was to A.) Have Fun, and Be Creative, B.) Offer my incense and services online, and C.) Be able to teach, connect, and share with you how to tap into your unique form of spirituality in however that manifests for you! Through many forms of spirituality throughout time, it has been shown and I am confident that together, we can do so much more than we can apart.


Again, Welcome! May you find rest here, peace here, love within the pages, and wisdom throughout the ages! Merry Meet!

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