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Design IS Magick! From how we interact with the many objects around us, to how we communicate with each other, to each and every piece of marketing, branding, and advertising we see! I have worked as a professional graphic designer for over 18 years and love to work with small and large businesses, magickally minded practitioners, and individuals that truly want to make a difference! Each and every design I am entrusted with is woven into reality with every aspect of your branding, story, and your ultimate goal in mind. I consult with many small business owners on numerous projects for a flat-rate per hour of design. Any additional costs are clearly and prominently broken down in your quote. (For example; if you need a banner designed and printed, you will get a breakdown of Design Time + Printing + Shipping)

GRAPHICS, POSTERS, CUSTOM ART, MURALS, WEB SITE DESIGN, FLYERS, BUSINESS CARDS, INVITATIONS, BANNERS, VINYL SIGNS, YARD SIGNS, BUSINESS LOGO, BOOK COVERS, SOCIAL MEDIA ADS, BRANDED APPAREL, BRANDED ACCESSORIES, FORMS, AND OTHER CREATIVE SERVICES. Once you complete the form below, I will personally contact you and set-up a time to go over your needs further and get you a design quote. I try to ensure my clients with the fastest turn-around times without sacrificing quality. If you have any questions, please include them below!

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