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January, Imbolc & More...

January, Imbolc & More... - Ask The #MagickMan Justin Arnold

The month of January is a time for renewal and reflection. Following Yule in December, the end of January is associated with the Wiccan sabbat of Imbolc, which is a celebration of the coming of spring and the goddess Brigid. Imbolc is a time for purification and renewal, and is often marked with rituals and ceremonies centered around the themes of setting intentions, rejuvenation, cleansing, and rebirth. It is also a time to honor the Goddess and to celebrate the return of the sun in the days to come. More importantly, this is a crucial time in igniting your inner flame! Aligning yourself with the intentions of the new year, setting goals and markers for the days ahead, asking for guidance to choose the next steps to take, tuning back into your inner voice, and answering so many more defining inner questions. The winter is part of this journey inward during the "darker" months of the year. In the emotions of December, we leave behind old wants and worries, leaving the energy of the year contained within itself, and onto the next one. As we celebrate another year, the winter months also have a tendency to remind us of all we must let go of, release, and leave behind. We strive ahead with what may even be a small part of ourselves, but this light, be it just a spark, carries us onward. January to February is a time to fuel this spark, this inner flame and frequency. To "fan the flames" with the energy and warmth the Goddess Brigid and the coming spring invites into our lives, and the continued turning of the wheel.


Goddess Brigid courtesy of Wikipedia