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Welcome weary traveler! Now -- before we fall endlessly through the rabbit hole together, I'd like to personally welcome you to these magickal pages. This is a living, breathing, evolving, and transformative collection of my life's work. Welcome! It means so much to see you here! but hurry now -- were running very late!

Ask The Magick Man - Magick, by any means necessary. (Psychic Reader, Magic, Michigan, Reader, Tarot)

So many of you have come to me with questions in search for guidance. But many of you have no idea the journey I've had, and the healing it has taken to combine all my experiences into a format that you can actually understand. As more and more of you continue to get in touch, I was blessed with yet another obstacle in my path... How can I express the many experiences I've been through, in a way that can actually help you? How can I express this in a way that you will understand? Rather than just the ramblings and meanderings of a Magick Man. As the messages keep coming in, I needed a way to publish this journey so that you can always return to it, share it, pick it apart, express your insights, comments, and be part of the conversation. With my "real world" skills as an artist, graphic/web designer, and my passion in the higher realms as a psychic/intuitive reader, witch, and healer -- I knew this blog was the ultimate end result. However, I had some more work to do.

"You are here to bring about Magick into this world, by any means necessary."

Ask The Magick Man - Magick, by any means necessary. (Psychic Reader, Magic, Michigan, Reader, Tarot)

It seems the exact moment you decide to look to the sky, arms raised, and truly ask your questions, cry out, call out, pray, and make a connection to your higher power; you initiate a string of events that will change your life forever. The moment you decide to start healing, the pendulum starts swinging in your favor, the cycle begins.

It's not a pretty lit path, nor a yellow brick road. It's a wild abandoned rainforest, with man-eating plants, and ferocious animals you've never seen before. It's up to YOU to blaze the trail, make a path for you, defeat your demons, carve yourself out of the wildness that is a byproduct of this current reality.

Since I was a kid, mixing potions in my tree fort, one message was whispered very clearly in my ear. Kissed along my forehead. Written in the clouds of my dreams and engraved into the deepest chambers of my heart & soul; "You are here to bring about Magick into this world, by any means necessary." It took a long time to decipher it, for years it was muffled and echoed, the text in heroglyphs, the message just not making a connection. It took a lot of digging to translate, and everyone comes to their's in their own time.

Magick can mean whatever you want it to. To me it means so many things, it's love concentrated. Magick can almost be seen as a form of activism these days. To live, breathe, walk, and carry yourself as sacred; to treat yourself and everyone and everything around you as sacred. Magick, is carrying on long after you've given up. It's the comeback baby, but it's also in the resting. It's paying attention and being grateful for the little things. It's that friend that calls right when you need them. It's creativity. It's reinventing yourself, time and time again revealing more of the real you with every transformation. It's everything lining up. Magick is the energy that influences, inspires, moves, changes, and dances around every cell and wave. It is what brought us here, nourished us, called for our expansion, spoke flame and fire into our ancestors perception and shaped our world into what it is today. Magick is in everything. It's the love we give out that finds its way back to us in so many miraculous and literally awe-some ways.

If you're here, reading this now, then your first step is to figure out what it means TO YOU! Look back at your life, where has magick already appeared for you? In the small moments? The big ones? Odds are you're thinking of one now, or it could be something you can't explain just yet? That's ok too. As I said before, the moment you decide to heal, it's like the universe opens the floodgates. People, places, dreams, day to day life, your relationships, EVERYTHING seems to be a bit more magical, purposeful, intentful, and every second becomes an opportunity to make that Magick. It starts freeing you up to listen in, tap in, tune in, to your higher self. Even if you don't really know what you're looking for yet, once you set the intention, the path will appear. Once on this magickal path, you need to remain open, receptive, aware, and adaptive. If you don't you will miss out on many miraculous doors opening to you. As you experience this world in a more magickal way, the world will always respond more magickally to you. This can cause you to help and heal others while simultaneously healing yourself, yes there's bonuses to this. However, you can hit a wall as well. These are the spiritual milestones and real work we refer to often. The work that no other healer can do for you, the steps you have to walk alone. We can only help others to the level we've helped ourselves. And even then we don't actually heal a soul, we heal ourselves, hold space and re-affirm that others can too! It's showing the man to fish, instead of draining the lake. It's leaving those breadcrumbs behind you. That was my next step.

Ask The Magick Man - Magick, by any means necessary. (Psychic Reader, Magic, Michigan, Reader, Tarot)

I've experienced this in my reading practice, and sometimes my higher self says "Hey! Hold up, you can go no further". This is where the real "Work" comes in. This is my dissappearing act, to retreat to my sacred space to learn and experience the lesson. It can take an instant, or literally years to uncover the lesson. The point is to keep paying attention, keep learning. Truly facing your fears and transmuting them into a way to benefit your life, instead of a means of destruction. The Wheel comes in, that cyclical pattern of birth, experience, death, and re-birth. We've all been there "Oh no not this again, havent I already addressed this?" we recognize our patterns in life and have opportunities to correct our course at any time. But without magick we feel powerless to fix anything, weighted and heavy by its spinning, its orbit only pulling us further and further into ourselves. But just remember, it is all part of the journey, every single drop of it. If you are sensitive at all, you know this chapter. And I can only say, be aware, be receptive. Your ideals can change, your learning can shift, your beliefs can change on a daily basis, and in an instant, and that's ok. I believe that your individual spirituality should be as unique to you as your own fingerprint, and I mean that. You have my permission to experience this life however you need to, to know this Magick for you and it's as real as you or I! There is nothing more Magickal in my eyes than someone who owns their past, their flaws, all their scars and struggles, every set back, every atrocity. They look around at the rubble and cinder, they take those pieces, carry them proudly, and build with them the most beautiful living embodiment of art, poetry, music, literature, and the muses themselves. Sometimes, it's not always pretty candles, herbs, and cheeky rhymes, though that can help, (I'm not knocking ritual at all) but sometimes it's literally getting off our magical asses and putting in the real work! Magick can be found in museums, concert halls, and private galleries all over this world. It's that spark that connects us all and can tranform and carry us from one dimensional reality to another. It can take you from rock bottom, to the highest of heights. As for my past and how I came across this Magick, it will all be revealed in posts and projects to come -- hell, it could take an entire book. But for my first post, I really wanted to set the tone and get out my singular and sole mission as an Artist and Magickal Manifester. To bring Magick into this world by any means necessary. So out and about, on the other side of this shut down, if we do have a chance to cross paths, understand that I'm already late for a very important date! and while I cherish every moment I get to connect with you in person, I still haven't come across a good cloning spell and this is the next best thing. Again, welcome! We've got much to do! -- Justin Arnold The #MagickMan


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