Be inspired by the wisdom of the Buddha while burning your favorite scent in this uniquely styled incense burner. A vertical stick incense burner. The Seven Chakras are also represented by their respective colored gems, along the backside, while the Buddha sits upon the front side above an adorned lotus flower . 2 ¾” x 2 at base, with a height of 9 ½”.

7 Chakra Incense Burner (Buddha)

SKU: IB2837
  • - Light the black end of the incense with a lighter or match, and allow the flame to burn for approximately 10-15 seconds. If incense are extra fresh you may need to repeat once more.

    - Blow on the flame to extinguish. Incense should produce a glowing red ember and a plume of smoke, and will continue to burn on its own.

    - Be sure to burn incense in its own container, on or in a heatproof, non-flammable holder only.

    - Burn incense in a well-ventilated room, away from flammable materials, and NEVER leave incense burning unattended or in near children, pets, or a draft.

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