Dragons adorn this cone incense burner made of pewter with dragon heads for the feet. Also great as a 55mm crystal ball holder to harness dragon into your scrying. Made in the USA and is 1 1/2" in diameter.Works GREAT with my cone incense!

Dragon Cone Burner

SKU: IB708
  • - Light the black end of the incense with a lighter or match, and allow the flame to burn for approximately 10-15 seconds. If incense are extra fresh you may need to repeat once more.

    - Blow on the flame to extinguish. Incense should produce a glowing red ember and a plume of smoke, and will continue to burn on its own.

    - Be sure to burn incense in its own container, on or in a heatproof, non-flammable holder only.

    - Burn incense in a well-ventilated room, away from flammable materials, and NEVER leave incense burning unattended or in near children, pets, or a draft.

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